Staff Listing

For assistance reaching residents, patients and other staff, please dial 415.334.2500


Daniel Ruth,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark Friedlander,
Executive Director
Matthew Powondra,
Director of Admissions
and Marketing
STARS Customer Service


Angela Lomax,
Admissions Manager


Sherie Koshover,
Chief Advancement Officer
Yuliya Tkachenko, Database & Office Manager 415.406.1452
Ilana Glaun, Senior Communications Officer 415.562.2673
Michael Wickler, Media Design and Web Developer 415.562.2674
Karen Gordon, Senior Development Officer 415.406.1434
Cyndi Kahn, Special Events & Grants Officer 415.469.2137
Matthew Patchell, Leadership Gifts Officer 415.562.1108

Patient Financial Services/Billing

Rosabella A. Bray,
Director of Patient Financial Services
Billing Inquiries 415.469.2262

Credit/Debit card or E-check payments can be made in person or by calling (415) 562-2691. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express.

When mailing a payment, please make it payable to the Jewish Home and send to the address below:

Jewish Home San Francisco
Attn: Patient Financial Services
302 Silver Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112


Rabbi Sheldon Marder 415.469.2254


Vic Meinke, Chief Financial Officer 415.562.2690

Housekeeping / Laundry

Angela Lazarich, Operations Manager 415.469.2211
Emergency: 415.846.8989  

Missing Items

Contact the resident's social worker. Refer to the listing under Social Services for the relevant social worker's name and number.


For night & weekend nursing supervisors, call the main desk at 415.334.2500, or pager 415-807-2527, or the specific unit:
1W: 415.469.2230 415.469.2303
2W: 415.469.2228 415.469.2304
G2: 415.469.2220 415.469.2221
G3: 415.469.2222 415.469.2223
G4: 415.469.2224 415.469.2225
G5: 415.469.2226 415.469.2227
K1: 415.469.2288 415.469.2289
K2: 415.469.2217 415.469.2310
F1: 415.469.2348 415.469.2349
F2: 415.469.2355 415.469.2356
F3: 415.469.2362 415.469.2363
Psych Unit: 415.469.2328 415.469.2329

Nutritional Services / Menus / Diets

Ron Senior, Director of Nutritional Services 415.406.1568

Recreational Activities

Mediatrix Valera,
Recreational Programs Director


Helen Colombo, Administrative Assistant 415.406.1575

Social Services

LTC: Long-Term Care     STC: Short-Term Care
Christine Roppo Soares, LCSW,
Social Services Director
Irina Balter: LTC G2/G3 415.469.2238
Arthur Hofmayer: LTC/STC 415.469.2297
Danyang Wang: STC F2 415.404.2029
Elya Karapetyan: LTC K1/K2 415.406.1572
Megan Luevano
STARS Transitional Care Coordinator
Kim Coshnear
Social Worker/Transitional Care Coordinator
Maggie Jackson
STARS Transitional Care Coordinator
Barry Pfeffer: STC F2 415.606.9273
Tetyana Baranova Trofimenko: LTC G4/G5 415.406.1517
Amelia Katkov: LTC/STC F1 415.254.0157

Volunteer Services

Gail Green,
Volunteer Services Director

Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction
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