On-site Clinical Care and Services

On-site specialty clinics ensure the Jewish Home's ability to provide the majority of medical and dental services on our campus. This enhances better-coordinated care and means our residents avoid uncomfortable rides to off-site doctors' offices and possibly unreasonable waiting times.

Dentists instructs patient in the Dental Clinic at Jewish Home


On-site twice a month, the audiologist performs hearing tests, orders hearing aids, and facilitates repairs of equipment.

Aural Rehabilitation

Once a week, a rehabilitative audiologist trouble-shoots hearing aid problems, and helps hearing-impaired residents improve their communication abilities through the use of assistive devices and the development of communication techniques and strategies.


The Home has monthly visits from an excellent cardiologist. Our nurse practitioner staff has been trained to perform necessary checks of pacemaker functions.


Dental care and services are provided by practitioners who specialize in working with an elderly population, and with those whose health may often require particular approaches to treatment. Dental needs, ranging from, but not limited to, examinations, routine cleanings, simple fillings, extractions, all denture work and X-rays can be performed in our on-site clinic or, if need be, in the privacy and convenience of the resident’s room.


A dermatologist visits on a monthly basis, thus avoiding the need for our residents to be transported off-site. Utilizing our own microscope, we can examine skin scrapings. Biopsies and minor dermatological procedures can generally be provided on-site.


With treatment and oversight from a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant with expertise in circulation monitoring, an RN and wound specialist, and a podiatrist, geriatric patients with this common but chronic problem benefit from the monthly edema clinic’s comprehensive assessment tools and treatment plans.


A gynecologist is available on-site once a month.


Kidney-related tests and treatments are attended to on-site every other month.


A neurologist performs on-site consultations once a month.

Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner assists the physicians in the delivery of primary care and manages several of the specialty clinics. Residents have greater access to medical care as the nurse practitioner is on-site all day. The nurse practitioner also specializes in a variety of particular problems related to aging, including incontinence evaluations, cerumen management (ear wax removal), and the evaluation and management of psychiatric problems.


The Jewish Home is staffed with experienced and talented nurses, many with special expertise in geriatric, psychiatric, long-term care, and short-term rehabilitation nursing.


An ophthalmologist (eye doctor) is available on-site once a week.


An optometrist (eye doctor) is available on-site twice a month to evaluate and assist residents who need eyeglasses.


Our on-site licensed pharmacy is staffed with pharmacists who are readily available for consultation to nursing, physicians, and residents.

Physical, Occupational & Speech Rehabilitative Programs

We offer a full spectrum of on-site skilled and restorative physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Physician's Assistant

The physician’s assistant is on-site four days a week, to provide additional medical coverage when the physicians are not readily available.


We offer on-site physicians’ coverage six days a week and 24-hour physician on call. A physician is always available by phone for each resident.


Two excellent podiatrists are on-site three times a week.


Our specialized care unit is licensed as an acute geriatric psychiatry hospital, providing intensive specialized psychiatric care for our residents, as well as acute short-term stays for both voluntary and involuntary patients. Admission is open to older adults of all faiths, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds.


Many common X-rays can be done directly at the Jewish Home. Our radiology technician is on-site five days a week.

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